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Coming Spring 2024
A psychological comedy set in a run-down 1950s diner. Le Charade follows the final performance of a lonely mime and the psychotic episode that ensues after his imaginary friend breaks up with him and he is forced to re-enter society.
Written and Directed by Erika Totoro
Process video requested by the SCAD animation department, showcasing the first eight weeks of production and a first look at the final product of the film. 
Screenshot (54)_edited.jpg
Final puppet body | Responsible for Art Direction
Puppet fabrication by Dahlia Kressler, Thaddeus Varness, Josie Howe
Costuming by Lilianna Martinez
Final Head| Responsible for Art Direction
3D Modeled and Fabricated by Josie Howe

Final Waitress Head| Responsible for Art Direction and Fabrication
Fabrication Process
Final Waitress Puppet| Responsible for Art Direction and head fabrication
Puppet body fabrication by Sarah Hatfield
The Mime StyleFrame_ErikaTotoro.png
The Diner Style Frame_ErikaTotoro.jpg
Final Chavant Sculpt Head
Final Chavant Hair Sculpt | Pastic Casted Head
The hair was sculpted seperate to allow for a cast in foam and needle felting
Final Foam Hair Cast
Detachable vacuum-formed wig cap with magnets, Installed into foam hair cast, allowing for swap out heads during animation.
Vacuum Forming Hair Cap
Final Waitress Concept Art | Responsible for Art Direction 
Art by Sarah Hatfield

Casting sculpted head in plastic
Sculpting for silicone mold with JollyKing
Molding chavant sculpt in silicone
Screenshot (55)_edited.jpg
Casting foam hair with silicone mold 
Needle Felting Wig 
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